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ある日、ブルーノのJust The Way You Areを、聴いていると、日本語がふっと浮かんできた。”この曲日本語で歌ったらステキになるなぁ…” と思ったけど、誰の許可を取ったわけでもなければ、ブルーノがそれを承諾してくれるかは全く分からない。でも歌いたい…。ただ、それだけで、友達にトラックを作ってもらうお願いをした。そして歌ってみて、”ほら‼️やっぱり間違いなかった‼️日本語でも最高の曲じゃん‼️” そう確信した。
歌詞を変えてのカバーは世界中でも、誰も認めていないとの返答。半年が経ち、もう世に出ることはないかなとあきらめかけたその時、Avexから急に、”ブルーノサイドに直接コンタクトが取れて、OKが出ました‼️” まさに奇跡が起きた。そして、海外留学から復活の一発目のソロの作品として、Just The Way You Areをリリースすることになった。この曲を1人でも多くの人に届けたい。そして、明るい気持ちになってもらいたい。ただただ、そう願うばかりです。
ワシントンD.C.にて… ブルーノ本当に素晴らしい曲をカバーさせてくれてありがとう‼️
I really couldn’t wait to tell you this !
One day while listening to Bruno Mars’s “Just The Way You Are” some Japanese lyrics came suddenly to me. I thought how great this song would be in Japanese as well. Of course I hadn’t yet asked for his permission and had no idea if he would even allow it. But I really wanted to sing it. I asked my friend to create the track and I sang to it. I was right – it sounded great in Japanese. However we asked the American company who regulates the rights to the song and the answer was a clear “No”. .
Half a year went by and I had basically given up when suddenly I was contacted by Avex telling me that they were able to get in touch directly with Bruno’s team and that we had gotten the OK! A miracle! So here it is, my first release as a solo artist since going abroad. My cover of “Just The Way You Are”. I would like this song to reach as many people as possible and for people to feel great. A photo from Washington D.C, and to Bruno…
I really want to thank you for letting me cover the song and congratulations on your amazing 6 category win at the Grammys this year!

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Congratulations to @brunomars, @jamesfauntleroyii, @stereotypestv & @philsmeeze on winning SONG OF THE YEAR for “That’s What I Like” ??? #GRAMMYs