The songs kids actually loved this year

The songs kids actually loved this year:

Two weeks ago, The FADER took a trip down to Baltimore to film the Cardinal Shehan School Children’s Choir as they sang some of their favorite holiday songs. While there, we talked to 19 of the choir’s members, from ages nine to thirteen, about their favorite songs of the year. Some highlights: they love Bruno Mars, think Cardi B is an inspiration, like to say “Gucci Gang,” and feel their dang feelings while listening to SZA. The kids also have a lot of pride in and admiration for hometown stars YBS Skola and Peso Da Mafia. Scroll on to see their entire spectrum of favorite songs from 2017, and their very candid thoughts on each one.

“Bruno Mars songs, all of them. He sings through, and you can feel the message of what he’s saying in his songs: that singing is a nice thing to do, and always do what you want to do.”— Janiya, 13

”‘24 Karat Magic’ and ‘That’s What I Like.’ It’s a tie between both of them because they sound really good, and they both talk about having fun and stuff. The second song, ‘That’s What I Like,’ it’s basically about romantic stuff. It’s love songs mixed in with R&B, and it sounds really good together, and it’s awesome. I heard him the most on [the radio station] Magic 95.9.“— John, 12

“I don’t really like new songs. I don’t really listen to that. I listen to kinda new songs, that are new to me, because I’ve never heard of them. I kinda liked Bruno Mars, not over Michael Jackson, though. I mostly played the song ‘Deal With It’ [by Corbin Bleu]. It’s romantic, but life problems. It’s the rhythm, and it really makes you feel, ‘What will happen, when this happens to you?’”— Kai, 11

“I like ‘That’s What I Like’ because he was talking about a girl he likes, and then sometimes I imagine that I’m that girl.”— Taylor, 9

thehooliganhangoutspot: 10 reasons WHY Net Neutrality is a MUST for Hooligans: 1.) Who the fuck…


10 reasons WHY Net Neutrality is a MUST for Hooligans:

1.) Who the fuck else wants to hear about your odd sexual needs fulfilled by Bruno Mars BESIDES your internet buddies?

2.) How else will we see Bruno not tweet us constantly?

3.) IF A NEW VIDEO COMES OUT HOW WILL WE KNOW HUH??? How will be fangirl with people who UNDERSTAND ONLINE?

4.) His sells may go down for some reason idk

5.) If (I’m saying IF) he were to do something super epic that needs a dramatic response such as dropping a new song or video or even personal stuff like him being pregnant, WHO WOULD KNOW?

6.) How will he be able to see my tweets he’ll never respond to?

7.) HOW WILL WE FANGIRL TOGETHER????!!?!!?!?!???

8.) Who am I gonna talk shit with when something stupid happens dealing with Bruno?

9.) Twitter is SERIOUSLY the only platform besides Instagram Bruno uses to communicate with fans, and if that’s gone then like we have NOTHING BRO.

10.) If this does happen, I’ll miss Bruno’s tweets most even tho they didn’t have much excitement wrapped in them sometimes